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Yippee, it's Friday!

I know some people even within our midst have found this past week very hard going and have been worried and upset about the future. The uncertainty of each day and the relentless news has unsettled people and challenged their faith and made them hugely concerned.

I have wondered given that we cannot change things, except through being diligent in prayer and worship, can try and look ahead, enjoy something and make a plan? In other words, can we focus on having something fun to do.

With this in mind, I am! I have been asked for some quizzes and this evening I am popping a quiz up for you to ponder over. I will give you a week, so next Friday, Good Friday, the answers will be up on the blog, but in the evening since it is Good Friday. This is something you can share with friends and simply enjoy for a while. It takes your minds of the news, makes you think and you can have a laugh at the end of it. It is light, fun and you could share it with your friend over the phone. All the best! I will post it this evening at 18:00.

Also, I am launching an Easter house competition and am giving you one month from today i.e. 30th April to complete it and send me a photograph of your house.

This house can be for outside, maybe for wildlife, or inside on your windowsill for a fairy. It could tell the Easter story or one part of it.

It will need to be robust and waterproof if outside and enable your creature to live in it or feed in it. You can create it from recycled goods and decorate it with stones, twigs, flowers, chippings, wood, leaves etc found in your garden or out on your daily exercise. If it is an inside fairy house, it can be jewelled, dangle etc. You can share the idea with your grandchildren, friends' children or indeed, your own children. It will be judged i.e. from the photographs, and there will be small prizes.

This isn't to be a chore, but escapism and fun! Enjoy planning your creation and then building it up. I have enclosed some examples to get you going and whet the appetite!

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