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What a clever bunch in GHCP!

Welcome to Saturday's blog entry and thank you Sheila for this beautiful display to welcome our thoughts. Each little "face" so perfect and beautiful and as a whole it speaks of Summertime, I think.

I want to share with you some more of the talent that we have. This time it is artistic talent, so thank you to Jan!

I am delighted to report that Tyann showed her talent too, and won the Books of the Bible Quiz by just one point. She also got all the others questions answered correctly too. Congratulations Tyann!

Di and Corinne won the "garden house" competition a few weeks ago and showed their talents in a creative way. Thank you both again.

Liz has been creative with her knitting and a little zoo is forming at her home! I know that Judy is also being creative, but no recent photo to share today.

Now have a look at this and how simply the first part of the picture is produced just lines of colour which are blended. The careful adding of white sponged on to make it look 3D. I think the detail is lovely but does make it much harder to copy. This could be achieved too, not as easily but with water colours or pastels. It might be one to try.

This past week Becky and I started a batch of Elderflower champagne, just getting the flowers before they were past their best. The dining room has smelt gorgeous and has gently bubbled away. Wait and see now in about two weeks whether we can drink it!

I used to love a glass of Elderflower Champagne but have to watch we don't effervesce all over everything! I recall the year that my mother's Elderflower champagne exploded in my father's shed and made a massive stick mess! Words were definitely said!

This was quite an interesting piece that has been sent on to me. What do you think?

Eleanor has been busy with her harp classes and now we can enjoy her talent too. Have a look in the bottom left corner! You might spot another familiar face as well!

Have a lovely restful Saturday!

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