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Tiredness in the normal

We haven't heard for quite a while, from the delightful book, "The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse" written by Charlie Mackesy. It is, as we have discovered, quite delightful with much food for thought and great pen and ink drawings, occasionally washed in colour. I had this one sent to me last week and thought I would share it today.

"This storm is making me tired." said the boy.
"Storms get tired too," said the horse, "so hold on."

Things in life can seem to go on and on and at times, we can feel worn out by it all. Illness, whether of a loved one or yourself, takes a toll and so often it feels like with each new day there is no movement or alteration. I am in touch with a young girl whose husband at 42 has the same illness as David and feels she is just banging her head against a brick wall as her husband's consultant's appointment in London keeps getting delayed and put back - two years now! She is physically tired as well as mentally, and her husband feels even worse. Now we all know such situations and they are wearing!

The Coronavirus pandemic has left many feeling trapped and tired. Yes, things are better now but there is still risk out there and what if....

But as the horse said to the boy things do change at some point. There is hope, there is future, there is worth. Yes, do hold on and work through things, but a positive stance helps all involved and surrounded. Try going out and enjoying things now that things are lifting. In time medical concerns will be sorted out so try to enjoy the beauty of what we have around us - good food and faithful friends.

Today's challenge: make time to list the positives about today, this week. Make time to listen and share that positivity with others. Make time in our daily prayers to pray for what concerns us, but also to return thanks for the many positives around us.

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