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Sutton Hoo adventures with Philip and Sheila.

Some of you may have watched the film The Dig recently released on Netflix, which tells the story (using dramatic and artistic licence) of the excavation that took place in 1939 of the burial mounds at Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. The archaeologists unearthed the imprint of a ship, along with gold and silver treasures - the burial place of an Anglo-Saxon king. While it cannot be said for certain who the king was, it is generally thought to have been King Raewald of East Anglia, who was mentioned by the Venerable Bede.

Sutton Hoo is now in the ownership of the National Trust, which has done much to help visitors understand the site. Our short video takes us around the burial mounds, and then into the Exhibition Centre which has replicas of the artefacts found during the excavations, the originals being in the British Museum in London. As you can guess seeing Sheila wrapped up, it was a cold day when we visited, but most enjoyable, with a welcome warming coffee in the cafe afterwards.

I have long wanted to see Sutton Hoo, (the name fascinates me in its self) but not travelling far these days, well not at all now, but since David was ill, I still have it on the "bucket list" for sometime in the future, but maybe I will try and select warmer weather!

It is amazing, isn't it and although perhaps smaller than I expected it is certainly somewhere I do wish to visit. As always we are so grateful to Philip and Sheila sharing these videos with us and as Di said last week they enable us to "armchair" discover them too. Absolutely fascinating so we sincerely thank you both, but you do seem to have some chilly days on your holidays!

I found this video which shows Sutton Hoo from the air and thought i would share it along with Philip and Sheila's as it shows some different images.

Hope you have enjoyed this trip and more adventures next week - thank you Philip and Sheila.

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