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Stop for a cuppa!

Take time with your cup of tea today to enjoy this piece of Schubert:

I have received this today and am sharing sharing it as requested. We can all take something from this. Thank you for sharing Bill.

"Dear Rhian and everyone in our clergy team. let us fall down on our knees and give continual thanks to God for bringing about our Third World War.  Those of us in our eighties know from first hand war total war can be where we spend absolute fortunes inventing things to kill our fellow humans with.  Humans are made in Gods image and our power by the Holy Spirit to live our live in the example Gods only son gave to us as a platform to work from.

Embrace these things and the Third World War will be won by one and all for a better life in caring for our very badly damaged world, almost damaged beyond repair by greed fear by pure bloody mindless humans who no long believe in God.  Well God is now acting as only he can to save us and our planet he is in charge big time as our police force making us become his body on earth by enforcing big big change worldwide.

We can save ourselves and our planet if we will only follow his command that we love him with all our heart and all our being and Dig For Victory as we did in WWll.  We of our generation know how to do it.  Plant our food stock, stop loving for self alone and stock piling money food and resources for our own personal use and live for each other no matter what creed we live in make it the creed of human salvation, we can do it and if we don't then we will all die and that is a fact beyond doubt.  Live well and live for each other and we will not die but we will inherit eternal life where there is no hunger, no fear, only Gods heaven for eternity.

Here ends my thoughts on the whole present situation that God is now policing as we cannot.  May the Blessing of God Almighty be with us all and let us embrace the future safe and secure in the knowledge of Gods boundless love for each and everyone of us.


My love to you all let us love God as he loves us"

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