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Spring has sprung!

Hello, just a beautiful poem forwarded to me this morning and some lovely photographs which show the trees leafing and all the wonders of Spring. People have been telling me, after yesterday's blog, about all the nesting activities in their bird boxes, the busyiness of the blackbirds in building their nests and the simple pleasure of watching the unfolding glory of the flowers and leaves. Liz said it is as if we have slowed down sufficiently to actually watch all that goes on around us instead of just getting glimpses.

.This anonymous poem and with the photos has a powerful, but gentle reminder that things will come right again and and that all will be ok in time. Trust in the God who is with us in this and every moment of our day, whether we are sure about that or wavering in our trust.

"This is the time to be slow, lie low to the wall, until the better weather passes. Try as best you can not o let the wire brush of doubt scrape from your heart all sense of yourself and your hesitant light.If you remain generous time will come good and you will find your feet again, on fresh pastures of promise. Where the air will be kind and blushed with beginning."

Thanks to Di for these lovely photographs from her daily exercise.

She also shared the any

anonymous poem - thanks.

Tonight form 6 o'clock there will be a short Wednesday Compline which you can follow if you wish. I love Compline and was initially introduced to it when I was at Wesley Theological College, Bristol back in the early 80's. It has a simple beauty and is easily "sayable" and touches something deep inside of me, If it is a new thing for you, a new office, why not dip in.

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