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Spring beckons

I look out from the study window onto a green, well, muddy green lawn that certainly looks saturated and "well Wintery." On first glance there is little to show Spring is on its way but on the windowsills outside the study I have the tiniest of Daffodils springing forth and already in flower. Teeny, tiny Tete a Tete with vibrant yellow petals looking so fresh and alive and whose deeper yellow trumpets are most welcoming. There are other daffs which will be in flower by the time you read this and allowing for a couple of warmer days. The Lilac tree, and its a beauty here, is in leaf and the snowdrops still to flower, but well up. I have seen that some of you too are already welcoming the early brigade of flowers, the heralds of Springtime and Jeanne James has some super flowers in her garden.

It is still early February and yet we can see evidence for the beginning of the turning of the seasons. Signs that can be found in the gardens around our homes and in the countryside. The birds too have been playing at love and companionship for a few weeks now and are hunting for suitable nesting sites. Again on warmer sunnier days the Jackdaws are finding twigs and flapping about with beak fulls as they squawk, or rather caw, with the Magpies. I am pleased to report that the pesky Sparrowhawk with his yellow green stockinged feet has not been around of late, but with Spring on its way I am sure will visit again soon - so watch out you garden birds!

This poem which I have been given recently sums up everything perfectly.

February is blessed. - Sarah Pascoe

Still bleak and wintery

February is blessed

with winter white snowdrops

and carpets of colourful crocuses.

Under the earth creatures stir

as more light brightens

the still short days.

Trees are bare

but new life is within them


silently waiting.

Lent will come soon

a spring clean for our souls.

In our times of terror,

towering infernos

and glaring inequalities,

we long for better to come.

May God bless us with

February rainbows,

a St David's day of yellow daffodils,

a promise of love,

a revival of life.

We are heading quickly towards Lent, Ash Wednesday, 17th February this year and now is the time to think about the "spring cleaning for our souls."

  • What might we do this year and what are we achieving by doing it?

  • We have given up so much at present, can we possibly give up more or find the opportunity to embrace more?

  • Is too much even being asked of me?

  • How can I ready myself for Ash Wednesday and this year's journey through Lent?

  • How did Our Lord prepare himself when faced with events in his ministry?

We all have much to ponder and decisions to make, but do remember along with the seriousness of Lent, we all do have opportunities everyday to serve Christ in those we see, meet and have contact with. Lent is solemn walk, and rightly so, but is also a time when we see "a revival of life" all around us and a lifting of our own spirits.

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