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Shower Meditation

Are you bath or shower person? For me personally it would have to be a bath. I love my nightly bath, the feel of the hot water and that time alone to ponder and think. I worked with a girl once a teacher who did all her thinking in the bath, as she wasn't interrupted there. Last week a friend, Anna sent me this shower mediation and it is good. See what you think.

"Every time you take a shower, visualise washing away your stress and anxiety. Concentrate on the feel of the water upon your skin. Envision the power of the water washing away your negative thoughts. Feel sadness, regret, anger and depression washing right off you. Let it all go down the drain, you'll start to feel lighter and much more clear."

It is certainly true that a pamper session for some people makes them feel transformed and ready for anything. They might like the foam and bubbles, warm water, candles burning and a glass of something nice? This wouldn't be for me, but the getting clean, fresh and smelling nice would be. Bubbles bring me out in a rash so no pampering! Is it a case of a quick shower in the morning to wake yourself up or a more leisurely affair before bed. Is it a functional experience or does it calm, restore and set you right?

Do you just shower or bathe without giving thought to what you are doing? Do you lather up and make your confessions, do you use rinsing water as you pray, do you simply switch off and perhaps listen to music, as you clean yourself?

The important thing is that we all have routines maybe daily which can be used in so many ways to help ourselves. To set us right with life. We can experiment and see if things are eased or improved. A shower or bath can become not just a means of being physically clean but a way forward through ups and downs of our life - an opportunity to stop, listen and right things.

Silky Midnight Bath Katie

Moonlight caresses

the waves in the tub

flickering and dancing

and spinning and twirling.

Music flies around

warming the air

with her childlike sweetness.

Candles sing

hushed notes of reverie,

melting in softheartedness.

Incense skips about, drawing

shapes from smoke.

Bubbles gleam, giggling in unison

little globes sleeping on the surface.

Here, the weight of the world lifted.

The outside shut out.

Thought you might enjoy this variation. I was sent it at Easter.

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