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Saturday's Spring walk with Snowdrops

Today I thought we would look at some snowdrop gardens and displays but virtual tours are not that easy to find. To start us off these displays of Snowdrops are quite stunning and the lilting Celtic music goes well too!

Now we feel in the mood and if we pop along to Middle-Sized garden for some helpful tips and a look around a nice garden. It might well give us ideas or inform us more, when out on our walks etc. It isn't long and is informative - so enjoy!

I have discovered a wonderful little snippet of Aconite and Snowdrop flowers opening time lapse which is delightful. I thought you might like to share in this.

I do hope you are enjoying your time amongst the Snowdrops - the Candlemas Bells. When I was in hospital once in Durham I was given posies of sweet smelling Snowdrops. Beforehand I didn't realise they had a perfume but it is quite a definite scent yet still delicate. The Snowdrops weren't garden picked but sold by florists in the north east. I have never seen them sold "down South" a tiny little bunch of Spring perfection.

We conclude with Painswick Rococo Gardens, near Cheltenham. There is colour, shape and form on show and hope it is to your liking and maybe a place to visit after lockdown and we have a more normal life.

Are you inspired? Try to sketch Snowdrops now, or paint on your pebbles to create them. When I worked with young children you can produce lovely and simple snowdrops on paper or pebble. Simply use the the outer edge of your thumb, dipped in white paint to make the petals and when dry, with a fine brush or felt pen, use a vibrant green to link a stem to the flower head and down to some slightly thicker green sweeps for leaves. Have a go or share the idea with your Grandchildren. remember to keep your petals pointing downwards and you only need two or three petals coming from a point on the top. Keep everything tiny, dainty and delicate. I have seen children paintings of snowdrops for cards etc which are perfect and they are so simple to do.

Ash Wednesday this year will be marked on the blog and if you wish to mark yourself with ash from last year's Palm cross. Please could you pop it into a suitable large heavy pan and outside light it. It is quite flammable, so take great care and stay out of the wind too!. Then when you have ashes and some debris place in a container and seal until 17th Feb.

I have a small amount of ash here too if you dont want to risk burning and will happily give it to you. Just ring and we can address how you can collect it.

I don't know if any of you have seen on the BBC website this week, but Sir Antony Gormley is launching an initiative, The Great Big Art Exhibition. The intention is to get as many people across the country involved by displaying a piece of their art in their windows. If it tickles your fancy and you would like to get involved have a look at the link below and don't forget to send me your photos!

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