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Saturday celebrations - more talent from around the parish

I can't believe we are at Saturday again and yet another week in lockdown has gone by. It has been a busy and rewarding week.

We are celebrating our different and various talents again and I will share some lovely photos, music and ideas.

The theme from Chariots of Fire by Vangelis. A musical talent for us all to share and equally a talent in film making, acting and directing and indeed athletic talent.

Di has been out and enjoying her walks and watching the changes in our countryside week by week. We would in normal times be so busy and often miss details that we have time to observe. Thanks Di.

A rainbow so perfect and a sign of hope. Thanks Di.

I love that Di has captured the busy bee on the flower here. We must think about bees again, soon.

Jan has some amazing work to share as well. This is some of her family of felt bunnies and other felt creatures. Jan tells me that she hasn't made all these in lockdown. They are though tremendous and again show a great talent and a sense of fun!.

What started you making these felt creatures Jan? They are enchanting and must take an age to create.

Judy must have so much patience to be able to achieve this with her love of diamond painting. It is fascinating and rather lovely to see. Will you frame this now for the wall, Judy?

This week I came across this painting, in may ways similar to The Menin Gate at Midnight we looked at the other week: sad, yes! But important to not skip over and showing talent both imaginatively and artistically as well. The artist is the Spaniard, Juan Lucena and the sad subject, the Grandparents farewell to Grandchildren, during the Pandemic 2020.

Even Becky's dog has discovered a new talent this week, having mastered harvesting crops in the garden if he can and scaling fences! This week having watched David clean the living room window, was next found, licking the glass, to wet it and using his paw to "polish" it off! Oh dear I wish he wasn't such a bright little spark!

David had success baking a courgette cake this week. It was spicy, moist and very tasty! He can certainly bake that one again, maybe for Seasons!

Thanks to Bill for this. talent not local but still very worth sharing!

In the parish we have so much talent and look forward to seeing or hearing more next week. Please keep sending in photos or videos of you talents in action or indeed your nearest and dearests!

Have a great day all.

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