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Recipe for a Good Lent - Sue Moll

Recipe for a Good Year

Take twelve full months

Clean them to remove all resentment and jealously,

To make them as fresh and clean as possible.

Now cut each month into 28, 30 or 31 pieces

Then, very quietly, in each day

Blend a zest of courage, a pinch of trust,

A spoonful of patience, a ladleful of work.

Mix up the whole with a generous portion of hope,

Of faithfulness, kindness and gentleness.

Season the whole with a touch of dreams,

A bowl of laughter and a cup full of good humour.

Now pour the mixture into a big bowl of love

And, to finish, decorate with a smile and serve with tenderness.

Now you have 365 days to relish with love and thoughtfulness.

Thank you Sue - much to ponder there and use. It seemed very appropriate for Shrove Tuesday and a "recipe for Lent."

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and we have a short ashing service here on the blog which you may like to follow.

If you wish to burn last year's palm cross please do it outside in a heavy based pan and with the greatest care. The palms whoosh up! You will have the tiniest amount of ash and to use it in the service just pop a spot of olive oil on some cotton wool and have ready with the ash for tomorrow. There is no need to mix.

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