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Orkney - an ancient village - Philip and Sheila Morris

"In this third video filmed on Orkney we visit Skara Brae, considered to be the best preserved Neolithic village in Northern Europe which lies nestled into the landscape on the Bay of Skaill like a set of hobbit houses. We then move onto a later - but still 3000 years old - broch, or fortified village, before crossing over a causeway to the island of Birsay with a Viking village.
I hope our videos have given you a glimpse into the rich heritage of Orkney and the lives of its people who made it their home up to 5000 years ago."

This is another amazing trip and I cannot believe how much is actually left of these ancient settlements, say compared to almost modern castles! It would have been such a hard life and what we view now does impart the hardship or unpleasantness of life there. I found the door ways fascinating - simple yet still standing.

These videos have made me want to visit Orkney and explore our own country much more and I am sure I am not alone there.

Thank you again Sheila and Philip. We look forward to more!

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