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Orkney "a land apart" and Stone Circles

Philip and Sheila Morris

Today we travel with Philip and Sheila back North to Scotland and Orkney. To allow ourselves to be touched in different ways and to be open to all.

"For the next three Fridays, we are returning to Scotland, and this time to Orkney. Although these islands are just 6 miles north of the Scottish mainland, they are "a land apart" with the main attractions being the open landscape, the wildlife, and 5000 years of history. with burial chambers and stone circles older than Stonehenge. A BBC series called Orkney "Britain's Ancient Capital".
Today's video starts with an overview of Orkney, and then we visit the Brodgar Peninsula, the heart of Neolithic Orkney and a World Heritage Site. We see the striking stone circles of Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar, thought to be places of ritual and ceremony and an inspiration to poets, artists and musicians today."

Thank you again Sheila and Philip. Wow! I found this powerful, the words, sights and the silence . There is so much truth here and our history, roots are important to see and acknowledge, as it has shaped us and how we are today in South Wales in 2021.

Do look and revisit it.

We are excited for next week !

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