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Not a good day!

Sue has sent this poem on and it seems most appropriate to how people may be feeling. It is ok to feel angry, upset, awkward about things: the spoilt holidays, family events, the lack of church or meeting up with friends etc. This poem reminds us that God is along side us what ever we feel, letting us let our feelings out and holding us through the pain.

Thank you Sue for sharing this.

Not a Good Day

Frances Copsey

I know you are angry, says God.

Your silence screams.

So get real,

be your hidden self with me;

the one that is not nice,

not nice at all.

Don't be embarrassed,

bawl if you want to.



Kick and pout like a child;

I like children,

Yes, poo, tantrums and all, since you ask.

So when someone says "Let us pray...."

Knot your arms and mutter,


if it helps,

it's where you are just now.

And where you are is

exactly where I want to be too.

With you.

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