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News: Further Church in Wales updates on Coronavirus

Morning everyone!

Last night after the Prime Minister addressed the nation and firmly stated we should only leave our homes for essential food shopping and one time of daily exercise, our Bishop has asked that all our churches are now to be closed due to the Coronavirus.

Please feel free to contact for information services, blogs etc and do feel free to contact me at for prayers etc.

Words from Archbishop John released 23rd March 2020:

Whilst the Government measures announced this evening by the Prime Minister and endorsed by the First Minister of Wales are unprecedented, they are specifically designed for the health and well-being of the people of our communities and nation. We unreservedly urge everyone to follow the instructions given. A fuller statement and further advice will follow as soon as possible but, in the meantime we ask you to continue in your prayers and in your love and care for vulnerable members of our communities. Even though we are apart and inevitably anxious, we must remain strong and resolute in doing all that is asked of us at such a critical time.

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