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Monday Blues

Well here we are at the start of another week in virtual lockdown, but still with so much we can join in and share. I am thrilled that despite the icy wind many of you got out and enjoyed a blustery walk over the weekend and I was delighted to receive this photo and accompanying poem written by a twelve year old, a few years ago!

I have also just taken a call from a lady in her nineties, isolated and fast running out of food. A friend of hers in Newport gave her my number and now I hope she is on the way to being well sorted. But it does remind us that there are many people around, who do not have internet access and are getting may be low on food, suffering from lack of company and worried where to turn to next. This lady happened to be quite new to the area so was even more alone, as didn't have a local network of friends, contacts etc..

So for today, ring someone who you may know who could be feeling very cut off and may be fearful, write a little note to someone who is shut in and unable to come outside even for exercise, send an email or may be tap on a window, smile and say hello!

It could be the beginning of a lifeline for someone or even a new friendship, which will go on beyond where we are today.

On a mossy bank in Spring 
Where the grass grows thick
Grows the yellow celandine
Tempting one to pick! 

Written by a 12 year old Diane Gullett for an Eisteddfod entry. Thank you Di.

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