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Mam Tor and the Broken Road - Philip and Sheila Morris

"Once again we are in the Peak District, staying on a farm near

Castleton. Today's video is of a hike up Mam Tor, voted as tenth in

ITV's Britain's 100 Favourite Walks. Mam Tor is nicknamed 'The Shivering

Mountain' because of its geological structure, and as we descend we can

see why, for after a series of land-slips the main road between

Sheffield and Chapel-en-le-Frith was abandoned in 1979 and left as "The

Broken Road". We also visit Odin Mine, an abandoned lead mine."

What an interesting walk today. Thank you both so very much. It is a lovely

way to start the Bank Holiday weekend and perhaps has whet the appetite for a good explore somewhere.

I couldn't believe how long it took before the road was abandoned and how much money it must have sucked up! It really was quite incredible!

It is battle between humankind try to stamp their dominance on the world and the fact that nature always comes back even if it takes time.

God of concrete, God of steel,

God of piston and of wheel,

God of pylon, God of steam,

God of girder and of beam,

God of atom, God of mine,

All the world of power is thine!

Lord of cable, Lord of rail,

Lord of motorway and mail,

Lord of rocket, Lord of flight,

Lord of soaring satellite,

Lord of lightning’s livid line,

All the world of speed is thine!

Lord of science, Lord of art,

God of map and graph and chart,

Lord of physics and research,

Word of Bible, Faith of Church,

Lord of sequence and design,

All the world of truth is thine!

God whose glory fills the earth,

Gave the universe its birth,

Loosed the Christ with Easter’s might,

Saves the world from evil’s blight,

Claims mankind by grace divine,


This hymn reminds me that however we think we know we have discovered, we have power etc, God is there first and ultimately whatever we try to do God is there at the end too. A building a house even dereliction by nuclear or chemical disaster eventually will be overtaken by creation.

Sheila and Philip you have given us so much to look at, ponder and pray about. Thank you!

Following on from last week, here are a few more of Di's latest photos from a recent trip to Dyffryn Gardens.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!

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