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Make the little things count!

Remember a little while ago we thought about talent and who appears to have it and who doesn't? As we thought, we appreciated the talent of all around us, all different and all worth celebrating! Talent comes in so many ways and forms.

Bank Holiday Monday, Becky put together some fresh olive bread, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and lemon artichokes, cheese, tapenade and continental meats. It was lovely, quite simple and smelt divine. It was a talented action and proved a wonderful lunch.

Many of you have told me that you don't feel talented in any way, but as you can see what Becky thoughty was just a throw together lunch meant a lot more to David and me. Please don't do yourselves down, as talent extends beyond the artistic abilities.

Take five minutes today to think about three people, they can be family, friends, colleagues or neighbours. Think about two or three things which you can see they are talented at and how those talents have effected you/others. Don't forget to let them know how special their talent have made you feel at times. It is good to tell people as some time talents are not recognised. Now, repeat the exercise objectively, this time, looking at yourselves and where you think you could have talents. This time it won't be as easy, but consider the ways how you share with others - I am sure you will find talents in your interactions there.

I know you enjoy the Piano Guys so here is another of their talented team. Five Piano Guys and one piano....I don't know about you but I have never seen a piano played like that before! Hope you enjoy it.

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