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Let it wash over you and be stirred into culture

Here we are at the weekend again, a very different sort of weekend, no football, no popping into town to go shopping, no meals out or trips to have a drink with friends or visiting the relatives. It is just our homes, one walk or exercise and essential shopping locally yet there is so much to do and never should there be idle moments or feeling of boredom.

This week I notice through this Coronavirus pandemic we are being treated to theatre being video streamed to our front rooms, opera and ballet that we can watch and be a part of a performance, at no cost at all.

We are encouraged to make a night of it, to watch what we fancy to be a part of tonight. Make time to shower, do our hair, dress for the theatre, opera or ballet in our glad rags. Prepare a drink for the interval and perhaps a chocolate or two. Draw the blinds or curtains and settle down comfortably, mute the phone or switch off the mobile Forget for a short while what is happening in the world and enjoy the culture in our own living rooms. Think, no worries where we park or getting back, just pleasure in your chosen performance.

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For information about what is on have a read of these articles. National Theatre, Thursdays in April Royal Opera House, Fridays through April to May

Have a good evening!

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