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Imagination is a gateway to spiritual matters.

Children have such profound thought often totally grounded in what they know and have experienced. They have an ability to ask the questions that as we mature we are afraid to ask or lose the ability to wonder and be creative in the same innocent way. But we so often fail to use our imagination as a gateway to the things of God. I remember being asked by a four year old Rebekah, "Why is a bush called a 'bush' or not a 'thing', or why not 'God'?"

So today we continue with our journeying which touches everybody in some way and certain places us very much in touch with God.

Do keep reading both fiction and nonfiction books, adult and children's. Yes, children's literature is clear and accessible in a way that perhaps adult's isn't. Experiment and try things out. Also look at other reading materials, paper, poetry diary, journals, blogs etc. All will help you create layers for imagination and opportunities to open new ways of discovering God.

“Children’s books invite us to return to our inner child by offering simple, encouraging messages about wonder, play, love, and mindful living.”

Do you dream at night? Are they repetitive dreams, fantasy, nightmares or ways of being happy and joyful with rekindled memories and thoughts. Do you ever record your dreams? I worked for years with a girl who liked to try and explore the meanings of dreams and avidly suggested keeping a dream diary. This she would say shows up what we dream about , are there similar themes, people etc which come up and can we do anything about that. She would say dreaming in the past to revisit old friends, perhaps is a deep seated urge to get back in contact and share stories again. It is food for thought! Dreams do make us face fears too and if we embrace that we can again draw closer to God.

“What is your imagination telling you as you sleep?”

We can discover God in our created being -the doing some painting, sketching, being creative with fabrics and different materials. using these skills to experiment with, along side perhaps a piece of Scripture, or a hymn. They are at the centre of our safe places, our nooks and a vital part of our prayer and praise. We can use our imagination to make and paint, our words for poetry and prose, our senses in what we select to dip into.

“Art helps us flex our imaginations and find a ‘flow’ for our experiences.” — GIRIJA KAIMAL

Finally take in outside whether just through your window or on the tv screen, if you walk, run cycle just enjoy the feel of air upon your body, warmth or chill too, the different colours shapes of Spring in our very midst. It speaks of God's power, grandeur and his intimacy with the tiny birds and little creatures, as well as with us.

The world is changing, it is varied and offers so much even on our very doorsteps. It is wonder filled and this wonder is all around us, keeps us curious and open to all possibilities. It also helps us all feel more connected to the world, and in turn, to ourselves and our spiritual beliefs. God uses what we "see" in our relationship with Him.

But also look to different things because it can force our eyes open as we see and experience new things. Try going to the shops a different way, try looking at what is there in gardens, fields, who walks this way too and speak to them. Wear your mask and feel safe but try coffee from the van out in the open, talk to people in the queue, look at wildlife and agriculture check if we know plants, birds etc, find music to reflect how you felt when back home. Imagine you are in the Scripture passage you are reading - how do feel, what do see, think find. What did you discover about God, your relationship with Him, did it change anything or not? Will you travel another way tomorrow?

“The world is grand and beautiful; if only look up and see it.”

“Imagination invites us to breathe, to dream, and to be fully present to the wonder of it all.”

Quotations are believed to be from Kayti Christian unless otherwise stated.

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