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Hibernating - Penny Snowden

It has been said that the pattern of animal hibernation is being disrupted due to climate change. Creatures can be seen out and about when normally they should be sleeping soundly. This makes me consider our changed patterns of behaviour during this disruptive time.

I started this train of thought when I woke up this morning and considered how good it would be to snuggle down and not get up out of my nest. It was raining and still dark and not seeming an attractive proposition at all!

Our own patterns of behaviour have changed in that we are in, rather than outdoors, or out and about in general. We are left to our own resources and dependent on technology to keep in touch with others. When we do go out for permitted exercise we are more observant. We notice details we might have overlooked in the past.

Our sleeping patterns are also disrupted. In this different reality we are fast approaching Lent where we are all challenged. Challenged to think about our faith, to perhaps give up one item, more commonly a ‘luxury’ item such as chocolate, meat or alcohol. Or, in order to refocus, give up social media or television. However, I think that in some sense we have been experiencing Lent for some time during our lockdowns. Maybe we have already taken up some of the Lenten disciplines - perhaps not fasting or not watching TV! So what will Lent look like for us in these times?

In primary school we talk about GUS and TOM, our Lenten friends. Gus stands for give up something and Tom for take on more. I’m inclined towards Tom this year. We can do this by following the rule of St David -

Be joyful

Keep the faith

Do the little things

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