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Friday travels with Sheila and Philip

Today we conclude out time in the Shetlands and what a remarkable few visits we have enjoyed. My eyes for one have been opened to it and would rather like a visit there but perhaps in warmer days!

We go to the northern part of Shetland Mainland, to the dramatic cliffs of Esha Ness, formed by 'fire and ice', a nature lover's paradise, with sea birds, seals and alpine flowers. Then on to the island of Whalsay, 'the bonnie island' where we join in a tea in the community centre raising money for the pre-natal unit at the hospital in Lerwick. Finally we visit the island of Yell, 'the big brown friendly island' with its wild moorland and beautiful beaches that rival any on a Greek island, though not quite as warm!

I think you have to be a special type of person to live on Shetland as its lack of trees and sometimes colour I think I might struggle with. I do though love they way they use colour - clever and creative, but how awe inspiring are those cliffs, sea and wind battered grass. That white sand looked pretty inviting too, didn't it? It was lovely to see Philip in the video too this time and Sheila looking positively warm too!

Thank you both again for all your efforts and enabling us to have a good non touristy view of villages and places. What a lovely idea about the monthly charity village hall teas: maybe an idea when we all get back to something which may resemble normality? It is something that many on the blog, thoroughly enjoy!

Fancy a story with intrigue? Have a look at the link below and make up your own mind. Here we see a different side to Shetland life:

I was shown this recently so sharing it with with you all too.

Shetland's Lord's Prayer

This version of The Lord's Prayer was recorded in the 1770's by George Low. I tried to get an English translation of it but failed but I think we can recognise sufficient to work it out!

Fy vor or er i Chimeri. / Halaght vara nam dit. La Konungdum din cumma. / La vill din vera guerde i vrildin sindaeri chimeri. / Gav vus dagh u dagloght brau. Forgive sindorwara / sin vi forgiva gem ao sinda gainst wus. Lia wus ik? o vera tempa, / but delivra wus fro adlu idlu. For do i ir Kongungdum, u puri, u glori, Amen

Well, thank you again Sheila and Philip, and how many of us are likely to visit Shetlands now? Maybe Tyann and Penny, Jodie or Di? It is food for thought certainly!

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