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Flowers from Amsterdam

A few years ago, Becky and I watched a wonderful tv program about how the flower markets were established and how today flowers are graded and sold in an auction. It was fascinating to see what constitutes a grade A flower and what a B and so on.

We both were staggered at the enormity of the Dutch flower market and how the flowers are picked wherever in the world, flown to Holland and then sold at auction before arriving in the UK. Sometimes the flowers would be only of the highest quality, and fit for the rich and famous, sometimes it is for Lidl or Aldi's flower buckets, which then go on to grace our homes.

I think this is a video of that program and so thought you may also want to share in this amazing business. It is quite long and you may prefer to dip in and out or "fast forward" if it is not your thing. It is quite mesmerising and will be interesting to follow.

Well what did you think of that? I was quite gob smacked by the sheer size of the Dutch flower market.

So also today, I thought you might enjoy a virtual trip to Ulting Wick in Essex for a Spring delight!

To conclude today I thought we might go and see what Palm Sunday is like in Jerusalem. There is not much sign of gardens here today, but just look at the array of palms, plaited stylised palms, branches, crosses of all sizes. There is so much noise, singing, hosannas, shouting, talking, no place to walk quietly, but one big non-social distancing crowd of all ages, and all nationalities, retracing the footsteps of Jesus. This is a walk I did too, many years ago, and we were the only pilgrims that early morning.

See what you think, and when you mix Jewish pilgrims in the city to celebrate Passover and Christians walking the Holy Week events, it is quite huge. I wonder how it looks today in the pandemic?

DON'T FORGET! The clocks go forward tonight. So you'll lose an hour in bed tomorrow I'm afraid, but you'll be reaping the benefits of longer days soon!

I also want to thank our Ministry Area Readers who have led reflections, thoughts around Compline during Lent. Keith has worked so very hard on these and judging by the very many comments, people have found them helpful and valuable in their prayer times. Thank you Keith, Penny and Hazel so very much.

Have a good Saturday and weekend!

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