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Easter Saturday

Have any of you followed the National theatre productions on Thursday evenings yet? The opera, ballet or concerts on Friday evenings? I had high hopes, but as yet have failed miserably. It appears that despite everything I am still too busy to make the time! That tells you far too much!

So I was interested with the Open University free courses which have come up and there is a huge selection. I wondered if undertaking such a course would be stimulating and interesting and give me something accreditable at the end of this lockdown period and the pandemic. This could be something which challenges me: yes, but also broaden and deepen my thinking and be an asset to my work. Equally, it could be helpful for you as you are never to old, never too wise and what an achievement if you develop a new skill in this shutdown time. When I was in college I struggled with Greek though I was told (not true I must add,) that I was great. I had to translate 1 Corinthians whilst the rest of my cohort just did Mark! The tutor, told me he was just the same when he learned Syrian Croat one summer vacation!!!

A retired priest friend of mine has complained about becoming too sedentary in this time and has to force herself to do anything at all. She is not elderly! May be she, would enjoy an OU course, a free Government course for the over 50's or even the BBC are offering free 12 week language courses so you can be fluent in holiday French, Spanish or whatever. Again there are very many languages on offer even Welsh I believe too! Just have a look there is so much on offer, remember though look at the free courses! - from the BBC free language courses. Select the language you fancy and you will have access to the free lessons. Some free lessons are in 12 week blocks. - all of these courses from the Open University are free. There are loads, so take time to have a look and pick some out that you fancy! - Harvard University have a range of free and paid courses. Make sure you check the whole list for the freebies!

It is hard to maintain a day to day life which retains all the things which we hold dear, but we are challenged to step up take something new on and have a new found purpose with our time. God has created us to have choice and freedom, so let's respond and try some of these free things which are on offer. We cannot fail, but only succeed in gaining more, knowledge, stimulating out thoughts and gaining achievements. We could celebrate these achievements when things get back to normal perhaps publically in Church or if preferred in quieter ways. Who is up for it?

Jeanne sent me this and I think it is rather lovely and fits in with our theme today. It came to her from a friend. What can we learn?, What skill will we say are down to the lockdown of Covid 19? Let's have a go and then we can add it to history of the challenging days.

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