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Early Bank Holiday weekend

Hello! Today we are not having a day out as such but thought you might enjoys some tales of Wales. I will also throw in a quiz so there is something extra to do if you are feeling at a loss and time hanging heavy which it can do at weekends especially Bank Holidays.

Now let us travel North to North for another tale.

I often think all these tales are so similar just a change in the geographical location! I guess they came originally from the travelling storytellers of ancient times and thus repeated so often were a part of the mythology of Wales.

Twm Sion Cati often called the Welsh Robin Hood again based in SW Wales.

For a change this final tale follows a walk and the stories or rather the information from legends are at the end. It is a hugely striking hill and the walk sounds lovely, but challenging towards the summit.

That was all a bit different! I enjoy a good legend or myth - for me, the stories behind a place makes that place even more fascinating!

Now we are going to be treated to some of Tyann's photos of a Spring garden at Saville Gardens, part of Windsor Great Park. Tyann was fortunate to be there as it was while there was official mourning for the Duke of Edinburgh.

Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing with us Tyann!

Quiz time!

It's been a little while since we last had a quiz here on the blog an so, in keeping with the flavour of today's post, this is a Welsh culture themed quiz. Keep an eye out for the answers next week!

1. What creature is on the Welsh flag?

2. What is the name of the highest mountain in Wales?

3. How many castles are there in Wales – 378, 641 or 927?

4. Who is the Patron Saint of Wales?

5. What is the biggest lake in Wales?

6. What country in South America has a large Welsh population?

7. Which actor from Port Talbot won an Oscar for his portrayal of serial killer Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs?

8. What is unofficially considered the national sport of Wales?

9. Which yellow flower that blooms in Spring is closely associated with Wales?

10. Which sea lies to the west of Wales?

11. The Welsh language (Cymraeg) is a member of which wider language group, also including Gaelic and Cornish?

12. What is the name of Wales’s rugby stadium in Cardiff called?

13. Which legendary British king is closely associated with Wales, with some suggesting he held his court at Caerleon?

14. After Cardiff, which city is the second most populous in Wales?

15. Which Welsh politician was well-known as the founder of the National Health Service (NHS)?

16. How long is the Wales Coast Path – 870 miles, 970 miles, or 1,070 miles?

17. What is the name of the river that flows through Cardiff?

18. By what name was the famous Welsh singer Tom Jones christened?

19. Wales has more ‘what’ per square mile than any other place in the world?

20. How many national parks can be found across Wales?

Good luck!

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