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Donkey Days!

During a conversation with Rev Rhian I happened to mention the following story and she thought it should be shared so here it is:

A few weeks ago the blog told a lovely story about Nanny Donkeys and their work with baby lambs. I was reminded of it this week when on a beautiful sunny day I was on a bus journey into Porthcawl. The journey is very pleasant and I recommend it to you all as you can see so much more from the bus and concentrate on the views instead of driving. As we turned off towards the start of Porthcawl we were in a line of traffic on an urban housing estate with cars closely parked both sides, when from a side road appeared two horses with well dressed riders trotting in front and behind a herd of donkeys fully kitted out with saddles and bridles for their stint on the beach of Trecco Bay none were tethered just in a group. Everything came to a halt- traffic and pedestrians - and appreciated the show. They were like baby lambs skipping and gambolling down the road as if life couldn’t have been better. By the time they had arrived at their turn off everyone was smiling and laughing at the sheer joy they had in their working life and their pace had increased to a canter as if they couldn’t wait to start work! What an example to us all. They were all anticipating with simple pleasure the day ahead ready to appreciate the sun, sea and sand. It was such an uplifting sight and kept us smiling for hours.

Thank you Di for reminding us a donkey's life is about happiness and delight and they are not all overworked and not all abused. They are great characters! I would love to see these happy and excited animals just so delighted to get to the sands and a day on the beach.

The Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth is a great day out and it is free! If you are in that area it is a good day out for families or singles alike, with great walks including to the beach!

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