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Daisies and Buttercups

Do you remember singing this many a year ago?

"Daisies are our silver

Buttercups are gold

These are all the treasure

We can have or hold."

I remember clearly being frog marched to church from my Church school, to sing this children's hymn so often. I remember thinking too well, silver is special, expensive, not as expensive as gold, but there are so many daisies all around us, so are they really as special? Buttercups are beautiful, but they are not there all year round while daisies flower even in the colder months of the year. I can still recall thinking that although beautiful daisies are like the every person flower, the thing of so little worth, where as buttercups are picked only to test if you like butter. I bet you all did that as young children, along with making your never ending daisy chains.

There are so many simple pleasures in life that we can often overlook and only take note of when we slow down, stop and listen the call of the cuckoo as Di reminded us yesterday, the diamonds of the dew on grass, leaf or cobweb, the shape of form of a single leaf, the colours in a beetle, or the colour in an ordinary sunset. Each one is special, but only when we notice it when we stop and take it in. What we become so familiar with we do not always appreciate, and the glory of God shouts out to us and we still over look it! The best of the best, we may well notice the fields of gold with buttercups, rape and corn but does it make us reflect more deeply about God's glory?

I think in the first lockdown we all became very attuned to all that is around us even the more common and ordinary let alone the "gold" about us. Let us make time to look and look again at that which lies around us; the "silver" as well as that which is precious - the "gold." Think about ordinary everyday words the silver if you like of life the "hellos" and "goodbyes". They are often taken for granted but we certainly notice it or if they are missing or forgotten. Remembering that people can equally be as "silver" or "gold," too, the daisies or the buttercups.

Let us in God's presence try today to notice the tiny, the ordinary and see what a thing of beauty it is, what it conveys in words and what they mean to the people around us, the familiar everyday people. They are every bit as special and precious as the riches of life, as the fabulous views, the rich, velvet, poetic words, the elegant and spectacular figures who speak of beauty and graciousness. Let us recall that everyone is special, is "gold", to God and let us share our love and awareness of the value of life itself with others. Let us find God in the everyday the normal as well as celebrate it is the great and good.

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