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Count your blessings - Diane Gullett

I am delighted to share today some words from Di's thinking and writings.

There is much to ponder on today here and thank you Di for sharing and enriching teh blog.

Count your blessings,

name them one by one,

and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.

I am sure we all remember this from our childhood, my grandmother used to sing it to me throughout her life. I was a war baby and we had rationing until I was a teenager. None of us had much and what we had we shared. Hand me downs, makeovers these were the words we used, Mothers sewed, knitted, crocheted, Fathers made toys, grew food and worked all hours for us. So it is very strange now to hear recycling and refurnishing being touted as new ideas to save the planet. I feel that they are preaching to the converted, we do recycle, we do refurbish, we do take our rubbish home. There is so much still to do but they is a will and there is always a way. As well as thanking our Lord for what he has done. We also thank God for our wonderful doctors, nurses, scientists and all the work they have done over the last year to give us all a future. Please let us go forward thanking him for our lives and the blessings we take for granted. The blossoms, the birds, the insects, the animals all that we can’t do without. We are so blessed and rich in our lives full of love and companionship. Long it may continue.

Can I finish with a moment I had last week as the sun went down one evening the fading light caught Boverton Place in a golden glow that I managed to catch and share with you all. I can tell you all honestly I thanked GOD for the moment and the blessing we were given for a brief moment in time.

Thanks again Di for you stopping us today and really making us think.

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