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Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki in a day!

Apologies that this is so late - the technical difficulties with Wix continue! Hope you can enjoy an evening in the Nordics!

Someone told me recently they enjoy following the blog but absolutely love days out with Sheila and Philip and on Saturdays when we travel all over. I think we all enjoy a chance to escape outside even though things are opening up for us.

Today I thought we would discover some more about Denmark, Sweden and Finland through their capital cities. I have been lucky enough to visit all three we are looking at today and my favourite is...... can you guess?

Well we start in "Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen" I had a neighbour who used to collect Royal Copenhagen china and had Christmas plates, crisp line of their Christmas candles and who was a great lover of the food - for Christine, Copenhagen was just... perfect!

Now to the railway station, and our train journey to Stockholm. Now I had always been told its is so expensive but we found differently just go away from front streets and even the one just behind and so much cheaper. I have to say it is no more expensive than Cardiff and includes added extras like delicious pastries or Swedish fruit tarts included free with your coffee. It isn't like a trip to Ikea's cafeteria either.

It is quite beautiful and so easy again to get about.

Finally we pop along to Helsinki. This is a pristine city, most attractive and has a wow market selling local delicacies which you must sample first. It is expensive though Cloudberries which are lovely, but many, many pounds for a small dish.

It was here that I met Santa Claus on his holidays in August sitting quietly on his rocking chair. Ok all set u, but done tastefully and when I went back to school the children couldn't believe it and loved the photos.

Well have you guessed my favourite? There are plenty of clues there.

If you haven't ventured this way it is worth the trip when things are totally safe and is not as expensive as you might expect. The weather can be gorgeously hot and dry and the local foods well worth exploring. They are all fluent in English and certainly in Sweden and Finland locals keen to chat and share the joys of their cities.

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