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Colour, Shape and Form

I am thrilled today to be handing over again to our own Philip and Sheila Morris for another day out. I know how much these "days out" mean to you especially in our current situation and even in more normal days, a day out is such a tonic and a treat. I, like you, after looking at Philip's videos, am ready for the off! Thank you Sheila and Philip so very much, we do really appreciate all your hard work and kindness in sharing them to the blog.

Today we are being whisked away down to Carmarthenshire and to the National Botanic Gardens of Wales. Forget about what the weather is like outside, sit down and enjoy with a nice cuppa!

This quite delightful and many thanks.

I am pleased to tell you all that I have three more pilgrimages to share with you from Philip and Sheila in the North East, so we have more treats to look forward to.

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