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News: Church in Wales updates on Coronavirus restrictions

The Church in Wales has made a statement following recent developments in regards to the pandemic of Coronavirus. While routine services have been cancelled, our churches remain open for prayer, reflection and certain heavily restricted occasions.

Public Worship and Gatherings

All church services and gatherings for public worship are to be cancelled. This includes Sunday and weekday services, study groups, vestry meetings, as well as more social gatherings in the church.

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

For more detailed guidelines on what may or may not be allowed to take place, please see the Church in Wales website:


Our churches remain open to those seeking a place for prayer or reflection - although we must all be vigilant in hand washing and wiping down and cleaning of any surfaces touched. We also advise, in line with the government advice, that you practice and maintain social distancing - remaining at least two meters away from anyone you may encounter in the church.

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