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Christian Aid Week 2021

It feels like just five minutes ago that I was writing about Christian Aid week 2020 and here we are a year on! It also seems to be a quieter affair and I haven't seen much to advertise the week generally and personally, I haven't see any tv advertisements this year either.

This year the theme is Climate Crisis. The information this year is not as plentiful as in some years though its theme is hugely topical and embraces all of humankind.

"The climate emergency is one of the greatest injustices we face. Together we stop this climate crisis."

"10 - 16 May 2021

"This climate crisis hurts us all. But people living in poverty fight the worst of it every day.

From drought to flooding, climate change robs people of control over their lives. Extreme weather means people are struggling to survive without a reliable source of water. Your gift this Christian Aid week, could help a community build an earth dam, so when the rains do come, they will have the water they need to live. A reliable source of water will help families withstand long drought or relentless rainstorms."

Climate change does affect us all whether it means milder wetter winters with huge amounts of flooding or hotter summers in the UK. We know when we see plants in our gardens dying because they cannot tolerate these new conditions. When we turn on our tv or the internet and see the terrible atrocities of climate crisis worldwide where there are droughts, starvation, then uncontrollable water in rainfall somewhere else. It is indeed a global concern.

"Reading the tea leaves:

Climate change and the British cuppa, shows the impact that climate change is having on tea growers in Kenya and around the world. Rising temperatures, droughts and erratic and unpredictable rainfall are all making tea growing more difficult." Without action to cut emissions and provide finance to poorer countries, life will remain difficult for those that supply the world's tea."

Climate change will affect us here and whether we agree with Greta Thunberg or not, it is an issue that will not disappear. We cannot bury it, forget about it. We can help those who live in poverty and help those in our society by embracing our stewardship of this planet. We all can do something: we are neither too old or too young. We need to be committed to our brothers and sisters in Christ wherever they are and to a better future for all of us. We need to do what we can to try and minimise the effects of climate crisis where we can and be switched on to our futures.

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