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Castleton, Peveril Castle and Peak Cavern. Philip and Sheila.

"We spent a week in the Peak District, staying on Spring House Farm near

Castleton, Derbyshire. The Peak District is the first of Britain's

National Parks, this year celebrating its 70th anniversary. It is

divided into two halves, the White Peak and the Dark Peak, with

Castleton and the Hope Valley dividing the two. Castleton is called 'the

Gem in the Peaks' for it is here that the semi-precious Blue John is


In this video we make the steep climb up to Peveril Castle, overlooking

Castleton and built in the 12th century, with magnificent views over the

Great Ridge, and then we descend to Peak Cavern, an impressive show

cave. We finish our visit at the 12th century St Edmund's Church which

has some interesting features."

Thanks you both so much for this. I do love the Peak District. This was so interesting and feel sure you will have enjoyed it too.

Blue John gems

Blue John Stone is a rare type of Fluorspar that is mined only in Castleton and nowhere else in the world!

Blue John Stone is a semi precious stone with many veins, some rarer than others. The most common vein is called Cliff Blue Vein known for its vivid purple and white banding .

Blue John Stone has been used to make many large ornamental items including Chalices, Bowls and Eggs.

The stone has also been used to make table tops and been inlaid into fire places

What would you think if our next paten and chalice in church was made of the Blue John gemstone from Castleton?

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