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Borrowdale with Philip and Sheila Morris

"Another day of sunshine and showers in our recent holiday in the Lake District. In this video we go to Borrowdale, south of Keswick and Derwent Water, and follow a National Trust Walk - though although using the Ordnance Survey map found the footpaths rather indistinct, perhaps because not many have used them over the past eighteen months. We first walked to the amazing Bowder Stone, a massive rock which balances on its narrowest end; two years ago the National Trust installed a new ladder to enable people to climb to the top of the stone. The Bowder Stone was a great tourist attraction in the 19th century where apparently 'old women' lived in a nearby cottage to 'lend the place quaint atmosphere'.

We then retraced our steps and followed indistinct paths to the village of Grange in Borrowdale, the site of a medieval monastic farm belonging to Furness Abbey. It started raining as we climbed up to Peace Howe, but we persevered to this viewpoint which was bought for the nation in 1917 as a place where people impacted by the First World War could come to regain a sense of peace and tranquillity. It certainly was peaceful as we ate our sandwiches under a tree to shelter from the rain - and then instead of climbing Castle Crag as we had intended, returned to the car and drove to Keswick."

Well, that was like a breath of fresh air! Thank you Philip and Sheila for allowing us to accompany you through some very picturesque countryside. Itt all looked very quiet there. What do they normally do with Mary's cottage and the hermitage as they looked well up together buildings?

Peace Howe also offered brilliant views. What an inspired idea and we think we have the best ideas now! It was lovely and most enjoyable - many thanks.

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