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Boat trip to Staffa - Philip and Sheila Morris

Another highlight of our week on the Isle of Mull was a boat trip to

Staffa, a beautiful uninhabited island, home to hundreds of sea birds -

I was able to film up close for a few seconds a puffin. However Staffa

is best known for its magnificent basalt columns, and famous for

Fingal's Cave, which has enthralled and inspired travellers for hundreds

of years, including the composer Mendelssohn. He composed his Hebridean

Overture, better known as Fingal's Cave Overture, after a visit he made

to Staffa in 1830 - and so we use it as the soundtrack to this video.

Pasg Hapus! I hope you have a wonderful Easter Monday with all the Bank Holidays thrills.

I am delighted to have Sheila and Philip's boat trip to share with you today and as always we are so grateful to them both. We shall be with them again this week on their usual Friday slot and our normal pattern.

Love Overcame

Love overcame

Emerging from a cold tomb

All the truth, majesty and creativity of a living God

Transforming a broken heart

Making a quiet return, in a still and sorrowful garden

The grave stone rolled away, to release redemptive love

Jesus resurrected and restored

Comforts a weeping woman

Speaks with travellers on a journey

Meets with his faithful friends

And they bow down before Christ alive

And acknowledged that the saviour has arrived

That the word of God has come alive

And that the extraordinary transformation of heaven and earth

Is complete

Julie Palmer

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