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Birds, trees and hedgehogs - all in our day out!

It has been a nasty old week so I thought we would escape from the wind, rain and cold by visiting to Slimbridge.

We have a general taster video to give us a general feel of the place and also a short 3 min video of Kingfishers and Flamingoes. Do enjoy!

Now we will leave the birds to their breeding and the visitors to wander around. If you haven't been recently or at all it is a good day trip with as much walking or standing as you wish. There is plenty of cute photo opportunities too with all the new life around.

We are off to Westonbirt Arboretum now another chance to stretch our legs and enjoy the colours and shapes of the trees. I don't know when is the best time to come here Spring or Autumn for the colours, Winter for the shape and skeletons of the trees - all magnificent!

We all enjoy a time to look listen and maybe explore. I know it gets harder the older we get but a change of scenes from our own four walls enriches us and also refreshes. We may drear the actual going but when we return we have gained so much - we rest better, eat better and have new conversation so to share with families and friends. I know Diane and Tyann love theri trips to Dyffryn Gardens are the better always, for a nice trip out and now we can enjoy a cuppa and a slice of cake it makes for a perfect day.

I though have enjoyed some cuties today we would finish with hedgehogs. They are delightful despite being full of fleas! We all too often see them squished on our roads and watch them in our gardens and streets on warm evenings. They are lovely little things and certainly in need of our help from time to time.

This is so popular and a school friend I have, works as a volunteer for the more local Hedgehog rescue here in Glamorgan, though it is based in Bridgend. This is the place to contact if you find a poorly or injured hedgehog. We found a hedgehog out in daylight wandering in the garden here at The Rectory. It has a bad leg, but it went to rescue, recovered well and was re released to fight another day!


Before we head home for the day, here are a few more photos we can enjoy shared by Diane and Tyanne from a recent visit to Dyffryn Gardens. Thanks again both!

Have good day and stay safe!

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