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Bank Holiday Monday

I know many of you find Bank Holidays hard and that isn't just because you are alone or away from the family. So often they are made out to be bigger and better than a normal Monday and quite simply they are not! Frequently they are wet and miserable and if you venture out the world has descended on to the roads and this is all magnified when it's sunny. When I was a child my parents would never go out on a Bank Holiday and it seemed to me a waste of a day off school to be stuck at home, having to help do the gardening! When I grew up I loved the idea of Bank Holidays to go out to non popular spots and often chose to stay at home or invite friends over for a meal etc.

So as promised we are off exploring again and we will have a day out from our armchairs or sofas. It will offer us all somewhere to visit, maybe a new place too and we can dip in and out of things depending on how we are feeling. I thought perhaps some National Trust properties today.

We start with a "slow" tour of the cherry blossom which is rather lovely and such intense colours too.

We travel back to Hidcote Manor Gardens, but seeing different things and in a different seasons. this is a place I would love to visit. I guess many of you will ahve explored them at some time or other.

That was gorgeous! Now, we move to Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire, another National Trust property.

Another stunning place. Did you enjoy and did it feel like a trip out?

To conclude another piece from the Piano Guys who I know you much admire. Enjoy!

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