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Bank holiday Monday

It is a relaxed day - a day to not feel tied to housework and the normal lockdown routine. Kick off your shoes, so to speak, and enjoy a coffee, whilst having a bit of a smile too!

Eleanor kindly sent me this. Luke has written a simple poem about Coronavirus and his Dad put it to music. Unfortunately the blog didnt like it when I tried to add the audio clip so you could enjoy young Luke singing his very own song, but here are his lyrics. A budding songwriter I think - with a great message! I will ask endeavour to get a copy of this on the blog some day soon.

I am grateful also to Bill who has sent another funny. Thanks Bill; you will keep us smiling

Seeing as it is another bank Holiday I thought you might enjoy a day out, So we have come to Derbyshire and to be more precise to Tissington so you can visit the famous well dressings.

Have any of you been to see the well dressings? They are created from Easter usually up until Pentecost though a few do spill into the Summertime.

They are beautiful works of art and some extremely intricate, using only naturally found materials, soaked wooded boards and clay.

See if you fancy creating a well dressing for the parish next year?!

Now we have moved on to the small but totally delightful village of Eyam. If you like your history this is a place not to miss and comes with added poignancy, in this time of the Coronavirus and isolation.

Perhaps we can take strength and courage from the actions of the villagers led by The Rector, Rev William Mompesson.

Now having enjoyed a little cultural tour, feel free to stroll around the village and enjoy the sights and beautiful building and countryside. See if you can get to the get to the parish boundary and see where the villagers paid for their goods or count the graves in the cottage gardens where the villagers fell.

Now, as we head home let us give thanks for our history, the sacrifice of others and beauty of our wells as they are dressed to give thanks to God.

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