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Amazing workers for the NHS.

We so often complain about youngsters these days and even more in these challenging days - teenagers loitering, groups hiding out of sight and up to no good, reports of youngsters spitting at the older members of a community. You will have read, watched and may be witnessed some of these.

However, I was thrilled to see young people from Sedgefield area learning how to make masks and safety visors for the NHS. They are not only learning new and different skills whilst in school for so many hours, as children of the key workers but also actually working to protect and save members of the NHS in this Coronavirus pandemic.

Huw Gullett who is a teacher at Sedgefield Community College says

"Well looks like I’m going to be busy this week turning our materials and workshop into a manufacturing hub for my simple design for masks. Packs flat, is easy to assemble and disassemble, is disposable and low cost.

Will be donating them to County Durham and Darlington NHS foundation trust."

Now I believe some other schools are also doing similar things in order to help others so these young folk are inspiring us to help care and serve others in our lockdown days in new and creative ways.

The pupils and staff at Sedgefield Community College are happy to say they have started on the first batch of 500 masks and will work hard to complete this and any further orders until their supplies run out. 

Have a think, what can we do to help further? Tonight certainly there is at 20:00 another clap for the NHS and those who are supporting them. Tonight when we join in lets remember Huw and the youngsters also supporting the work in this pandemic - lets thank them too!


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