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All in a day's flight!

I thought today we would do something different and so we are off on an aeroplane ride, all Covid safe! We are off to Canada and I know this is somewhere where some of you have travelled to and so enjoyed the country and its scenery. It is a vast land so maybe some of today's trip will be new and fresh, if not I hope you are refreshed!

Vancouver Island here we come!

We have had a brief welcome and enjoyed some sights here. Maybe some memories have been rekindled as well or taht you feel tempted to visit.

Now you can't come to Canada or indeed Vancouver Island and not see the wildlife and there are bears and sea life aplenty. Enjoy the next two short 3 min ish clips.

Many would find these bears amazing. I personally am not a bear lover (love teddies though!) but they are huge powerful creatures with cute cubs. It is fascinating to watch.

Now lets wind down with a trip to the colourful Butchart Botanical Garden - plenty to gaze upon here. This is a longer video so please feel free to just view snatches or revisit it over the day or week. I don't think you will be disappointed!

Vancouver Island is lovely but we will need deep pockets to visit or even live there!

Now to enjoy some photos from Tyann and Di on their return to Dyffryn earlier this week. Thank you so much.

These are beautiful, thanks again both - we'll look forward to sharing a few more of them next weekend!

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