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A way to go!

These days it feels as if we are getting so many rules, restrictions and limitations in our daily lives. We often see these as being negative, you cant do this etc, however, if we look at this from a different perspective, can we take something more valuable away from it. Thus becoming not negative but positive and even fortifying. We have to embrace a different way of being, a different perspective.

This week I was sent a poem by Rudy Francisco, who is an American Spoken Word poet, from San Diego. He is about poetry which promotes healthy dialogue, debate and social change. Rudy Francisco mixes his critical view of society with humour and candid language and honesty always be central. He writes about class, gender,race and religion and what defines us as individuals, while binding us together as a community.

This poem Instructions is from his collection "Helium": Gather your mistakes,

rinse them with honesty

and self-reflection,

let dry until you

can see every choice

and the regret

becomes brittle,

cover the

entire surface

in forgiveness,

remind yourself

that you are human

and this too

is a gift.

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