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A walk round Easedale, near Grasmere - Philip and Sheila

"We were at last in May able to go back to the Lake District - it was a case of third time lucky as our holiday cottage booking was cancelled twice last year. While the weather was not brilliant, it wasn't quite the May wash-out that other parts of the country suffered and we were able to do some good walks, though sometimes having to cut them short because of rain.

Our first video takes us to Easedale, near Grasmere. The poet William Wordsworth wrote

"There are delightful walks in that part of Grasmere called Easedale"

and there certainly are. We climbed up past Sourmilk Gill to Easedale Tarn, passing the farmhouse at Blindtarn Gill which has a tragic story to tell. As it was a Tuesday we briefly joined the Mothers Union Zoom meeting as we sat on the banks of the beck which Wordsworth called "as wild and as beautiful as a brook can be";

we were able to show the participants the view of the fells, but the sound of water and wind meant that conversation wasn't really possible."

This was a great trip out and those falls looked so milk-like. They stand out so clearly too. The tarn was serene looking and rather lovely - small but perfect!

The countryside is beautiful, but so quickly can become very dangerous and Dorothy was fortunate she sat down in the fog and simply waited for it to pass. I wondered too what became of the children after the community secured clothes and an education for them. It is so good to hear about a community's commitment to their own and we have seen examples throughout this time of pandemic when community has pulled together to help others.

What is your special place you turn to? Is it outside? Do you think you could write a poem or a description of it? Sometimes the "magic" of a place just cannot be put into words .

Thank you so much Sheila and Philip and we all look forward to next week's walk.

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