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"A Walk on the Wild Side" with Philip and Sheila

"Ardmeanach is an isolated peninsula on the west side of the Isle of Mull, with what is described by the National Trust as "A Walk on the Wild Side."
We didn't walk the full length of the peninsula it was getting too wild - but just enough to appreciate the landscape and also see some interesting features, including coffin cairns where the funeral processions would rest, the ruins of deserted houses, and the little school to which children would walk barefoot."

Goodness, what a walk and barefoot too! But I guess, maybe more of a grassy track back then, perhaps? The tiny little school and the stone ruins speak volumes about how tough and difficult life was for the locals. Also if they had no knowledge of anything different they would not have known to complain or moan; it was normal and life! Those funeral cairns were stark too and what a long way to carry the coffins as well. We don't know how fortunate we are even with so many restrictions on our daily living.

It looked quite gorgeous and it was good to see all those shades of vibrant blues in the sky and the colours in the lock. Sheila looked really nice and toasty and it is good to see her enjoying the warmer temperatures.

Thank you both again and next week, Good Friday, I will still post up the last part of Philip and Sheila trip to Mull. When I was younger - much Good Fridays were morning church a picnic and walk and back for the 2-3 hours slot if we were running to time! Somehow the weather was always perfect, it seemed!

Thanks again Sheila and Philip for a wander today which has really made us think and reflect in a most positive way. We are keen now for next week! Thank you both.


Continuing with our 'Feel Good Friday' celebrations, here are this week's two brilliant things that the world has witnessed since the first lockdown started in March 2020.

An endangered Indian rhinoceros has been born in Poland’s Wroclaw Zoo, a hopeful development in efforts to preserve the rare animals.

Born Jan. 6, the female baby is the first Indian rhinoceros birth in the zoo’s 155-year history, the zoo said Wednesday. Its parents are seven-year-old Maruska and an 11-year-old male, Manas.

Korean medical scientists have employed AI-learning to create a new prostate cancer screening with almost 100% accuracy.

The breakthrough, which is a simple urine strip, is likely to revolutionize testing, as existing methods are not only inaccurate but can result in over-diagnosis and necessitate invasive biopsies.


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