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A very early Spring venture outside

Well, its another Saturday and I thought we would continue with our Spring garden visits. We shall journey down to Somerset and enjoy a visit to this early March veg garden. It really is interesting and maybe if you do grow some veg in the garden or pots you will find it particularly informative.

I have struggled to find many open gardens to visit in February let alone because of the virus. However, I think you will enjoy the next Spring walk though it was filmed in late March.

Now to something which is a bit different, and more reminiscent of Sheila and Philip's walks, we are joining the Isle of Man February walkers as throughout the month they walk different parts of the island. Fancy seeing a genuine Manx cat too? I haven't been to the Isle but know people who rave about it, so its a maybe on the "bucket" list. What about you? Would this video tempt you or would you want it warmer and less wet and wild? Maybe you yearn for sunshine and wish to be on a warm, dry island in the Mediterranean, though warmth and lack of precipitation and isn't presently guaranteed there either?

I hope you have enjoyed today on the windy Isle of Man and now the return to our warm and comfortable homes.

"Just think, if you were a stone you would never get to enjoy anything. We have so much to be thankful for." Bob Ross

Thank you for all the six word stories. I had it judged by Philip and Sheila Morris who were given all the stories anonymously and they selected a winner and three highly commended. Keith Brown won the competition, congratulations Keith.

Philip and Sheila said:

You set us a very difficult task as they are all excellent, and I'm sure that people thinking about what to write got a lot out of them. We particularly liked those which looked forward with hope, had alliteration, and we suppose those to which we could particularly relate. We looked at them independently at first, saw which ones we had agreement on, and then tried to make a decision.

So first prize to:

Robin bold, Clear cold, Spring unfold

Highly commended - all of them, but particularly:

Woolly gloves, hearty soups, welcome fireside

Dull, Drab, Downtime, Dozing, Dreaming, Days

Frosty edges on crisp leaves crunch.

Next competition is a piece of photography taken now to reflect Winter and maybe also your story. It can be black and white or colour, any size and from your phone or camera. You can go out for your walk or out from your window, in the garden, at home, or even at the beach - but in the parish (Ministry Area). Closing date for this is Friday 5th march 2021. Please do submit as many entries as you like via email. Again they will all form part of our exhibition 'A Walk Through Covid'.

Thank you Penny for these pertinent words from Pope Francis; inspiration for the journey!

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