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A reflective tune

I have always loved this slow piece of music and in fact when David and I got married it was a part of the Eucharist service .

I am a firm believer that music can and does express emotion and feelings deep within us that might otherwise never surface. It is easy to allow music whether modern, rock, classical folk or whatever to transport you to another level, so to speak.

Music played can release aggression, calm tempers, give solace and so on. When I was in school we had a member of staff who used her piano and playing to stop the children in their tracks and change the mood in the classroom. It was a powerful weapon in the learning and development of children. Music can transport people from reality away to another plain, it can enrich, soothe and inspire. It can and does enable deep concentration and equally carry the kick of your shoes and down a beer mentality.

Music reaches out to us, touching us at our most vulnerable and stirring us into action. Think of the singing on the terraces in rugby matches raising spirits of joy and when hopes are dashed. Certain pieces are evocative. I will always remember my mother the night before she died in her unconscious state, conducting the theme music to Emmerdale, since she used to watch it. She had been comatose before it came on, and then alive to the music, showing us, she was a live and listening. Music is what our souls sing for in all its variety.

It is a God given gift to compose, play and offer tunes. It bring people together and forges memories. The ministry of our organists in church is so important and so overlooked too. You know the wrong tune and however important the words to the hymn was, it is completely lost.

Make yourself a cuppa or a coffee and enjoy this:

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