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A day out at Dyffryn Gardens!

I am so pleased to share with you that our own Philip and Sheila Morris have given me the use of some other footage to encourage us, as we wander through these days of lockdown. I am very grateful and their thoughtfulness in providing a trip to view things we might well be missing.

Today we pop just up the road to the National Trust property at Dyffryn. This is certainly a familiar haunt for my family and we love to see the changes in the beautiful grounds, certainly monthly and may be more frequently and enjoy the second hand and new book, for sale. I have always enjoyed Dyffryn Gardens and as a family I visited it frequently when I was very young too.

We are so fortunate to have Dyffryn virtually on our doorsteps and yes, I have missed it very much and guessing many of you have too! Philip has put this together very well and with the music feels rather lovely, and a real trip out!

Prayer for a Garden

Lord of Creation, who planted Your own garden called Eden, come and bless this soil which is to be our garden. All that dies becomes earth, and so it lives again.

May this garden soil be both womb and tomb, a home for death and life, so that seeds of living things— of plants, of food and flowers— may die and resurrect here in our garden.

Ancient earth, our mystical mother, teach us, your children, that all things die to nourish life.

Gentle earth, be blessed with our love as we work in you.

Make us mindful that one day you will be our final bed of love and ecstasy. Amen

The garden may be sprinkled with water, and a simple cross of sticks or some other religious symbol may be placed in the soil.

From Prayers for the Domestic Church by Ed Hays

The Seed Sowing Psalm

Divine Mystery, assist me to be a wise gardener, who, with great care, will sow only goood seeds this day, those deeds and attitutdes that truly will give you glory.

If by habit, sloth or accident, I might sow an evil seed, in haste, before it takes root, may I pluck it up at once, lest it grow an evil harvest.

Every word, deed and hidden thought is a seed whose DNA insures a fruit unfolding to ripe maturity that someday will be my life-harvest returned to me.

May it be, O Holy One, a harvest of Life.

From Psalms for Zero Gravity by Ed Hays

Don't forget quiz time later! Answers and new quiz going up about 6pm.

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