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26th June - Rev Catherine Reynolds (Methodist)

I am delighted today to welcome my colleague Rev Catherine Reynolds from The Gathering Place, St Athan. Thank Catherine for sharing some inspiration with us.

I am interested in the way that artists, poets and musicians are responding to the circumstances in which we now find ourselves.

The painting above is by Steve Devlin. Steve trained and was employed as an architect before moving to Barry where he currently works as a building surveyor. Steve took up painting again recently and gave me permission to copy and share this picture with you.

Steve draws inspiration from his Christian faith. He explained that in this painting he has tried to represent not only the relationship between a parent and child but also between God and each one of us. The painting, he hopes, reminds us of how God holds us each by the hand, walks with us and guides us through whatever ‘storms’ we may face. In a similar vein, the Roman Catholic priest, Brian Foley, drawing inspiration from Psalm 139, wrote in one of his hymns:

God knew my days before all days, before I came to be;

and keeps me, loves me, in my ways, through all eternity.

Enjoy this courtesy of Di and Julia. Quite amazing at 92 and 94 respectively!

How is that for inspiration!

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